Fall House Cleaning Is Just as Important as Spring Cleaning!


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The change of season is a good reminder for us to catch us on some of the household tasks that get forgotten about during the summer months. If you start now, when the holidays arrive, you won't be so busy with all the house cleaning and decluttering you need to get done before the family arrive!

Read the list of items below for a good way to get started on the fall cleaning checklist: 

Fall Cleaning List:

  1. Dust the bookshelves and the fireplace mantle 
  2. Polish the tables and clean the dining chairs
  3. Dust the ceiling fans and lights
  4. Clean out the bathroom cabinets (all guest bathrooms)
  5. Organize the coat closet
  6. Organize the linen closet. Wash and fold sheets, towels and blankets
  7. Clean the windows
  8. Clean the baseboards 
  9. Clean up papers from desks and counter tops

Use this month for “catch up” housework. You can declutter in the garage, donate unused items, and get organized now if you do it one room (or closet) at a time. 

You can put away summer clothes and box them up since fall has now arrived. You can box up summer toys and put them in the attic. You can throw out coats from last year that were never worn, or coats that your family have outgrown. By doing it one space at a time, you won’t get overwhelmed.

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you much time to clean up during the week, it would be a good time to call a weekly or monthly cleaning service to help you maintain a clean home. Having the help of a maid service to help with the house cleaning is a great way to stay on top of things. 

If you need help with the housework and chores, call us for a quote. We serve the greater Indianapolis area with expert house cleaning!  We are the best maid service in Indianapolis! We would love to clean your home. Click here for a house cleaning price: www.planbcleaning.com