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Helping community members in the Hamilton County area by providing the healthiest, cleanest living spaces to their families and loved ones for years.

Plan: B Cleaing provides professional cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services in your home and on your schedule. Our services are customizable, affordable, reliable, and efficient. We provide best-in-class service to all clients, regardless of their needs. Our professional cleaning services include model home cleaning, house cleaning and spring cleaning services.

Why Should You Hire Plan: B Disinfecting, Sanitizing and Cleaning Services for Your Fortville Home?

Plan: B Cleaning takes pride in its outstanding track record of quality home cleaning service. Our experience is a testament to the level of service and quality you’ll get when you choose Plan: B Cleaning, for your many house, apartment and condo cleaning needs.

We have a nationally background checked staff of highly trained and motivated individuals who love nothing more than providing friendly, personable cleaning services to our Indiana clients.

Our cleaning professionals are always screened and evaluated on an on-going basis to assure the very best, most reliable cleaning service for our customers. 

We clean your house right every time, just the way you want it. We do not take short cuts, but take pride in cleaning efficiently, thoroughly, and with care. We will customize our comprehensive cleaning services to meet the specific needs of you, your family and your home. We are fully insured and bonded.

Our Home Disinfecting, Sanitizing and Cleaning Services Includes:

  • Bathrooms – scrubbing sinks, tubs, floors, toilets, countertops, emptying trash cans
  • Bedrooms – vacuuming/cleaning floors, dusting baseboards, light fixtures, cleaning furniture, beds 
  • Dining room – dusting/wiping tables and chairs
  • Family room – vacuuming/mopping floors, wiping down/disinfecting end tables and other surfaces, cleaning furniture, dusting baseboards, light fixtures
  • Foyer/hall/stairs – vacuuming/mopping floors, dusting baseboards, light fixtures
  • Home office – wiping down/disinfecting desktops, dusting/disinfecting keyboards and mice,
  • Kitchen - emptying trash cans/recycling, wiping down/disinfecting countertops, cleaning cabinets, cleaning/disinfecting appliances such as fridge, oven, microwave
  • Many other options available upon request!

Schedule a Free Consultation for Residential Cleaning in Fortville, Indiana 

Contact Plan: B Cleaning today to discuss your house cleaning needs. Call (317) 572-8515 or email us at info@planbcleaning.com 7 days a week.


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