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We are Plan: B Cleaning, consistently chosen as Hamilton County’s best cleaning

company. We take pride in serving as one of the finest house cleaning and commercial cleaning companies in the Fishers, Indiana community. We hope to uplift through our cleaning services and give back initiatives. Thank you for visiting our website. Please click around to learn more about Plan B: Cleaning and our purpose. Schedule your first cleaning today.

Why Plan: B Cleaning is the Best House Cleaning Near Hamilton County, Indiana:

Located in Fishers, Indiana, near Carmel, Noblesville and Fortville, Plan: B Cleaning has become known for the details and help to keep clients rating us as your best house cleaning company. Cleaning your home on your own was Plan “A.” Then life happened, and let’s face it—your time and energy are precious. That’s where we come in. We take care of the cleaning so you can enjoy more of what you love.

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You’re not just another customer to us at Plan: B Cleaning and your house isn’t just another building. We care about your preferences as a homeowner and the unique aspects of your home itself.

One thing that separates us from any other cleaning company is the fact we clean at the highest level of intensity possible. Yes, you can break out the white glove after we’re finished cleaning!

Your home is important to you. At Plan: B Cleaning, it is important to keep both your home and business free from any viruses or germs in your space. Ask about our electrostatic disinfecting fogging services.

Your home deserves the best possible treatment. We provide detailed cleaning services with professionally trained staff and family-safe cleaning products so you can skip doing chores and enjoy your space.

Based upon the highest cleaning standards of both ISSA and ARCSI, we have trained and certified each cleaning technician on our team to ensure you receive the best cleaning for your home or business.

Plan: B Cleaning was founded in the interest of helping others, and we firmly believe in caring for our employees—our clients—like close family. Some say this mission puts our company’s DNA “over the edge.”

The GBAC Fundamentals Course is intended to strengthen skills and build knowledge by; teaching preventative, response, infection control, and contamination control measures to known or potential infectious disease outbreak situations. Importance of proper cleaning and disinfection for health. GBAC protocol for response and remediation and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, and equipment.

Our company’s DNA is built on attention to detail. Our training program is built around this trait, and we particularly schedule cleanings with two members on site to reinforce it. With this accountability structure in place, we strive to make each visit as comprehensive and timely as possible.

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